Promoting your products on CloudShoppy

CloudShoppy provides many different options for businesses to promote their products including cross-selling, up-selling, discounts, offers etc

In this article, we will cover how to setup promotions on your online shop.

Promotions are very important feature for any e-commerce site to improve sales. If a user has visited a product page, you need to display related products where he might be interested in buying them. From CloudShoppy admin interface you can easily setup promotions on the product management page.

Step 1: Login to admin panel and click on any product to view product details
Step 2: Click on product promotions tab to view promotion section
Step 3: Enter related products by selecting other products to be displayed when user visits this product

It’s very easy to setup promotions and we recommend you keep updating your promotions as often as possible to lure more customers and increase sales.