Offer Membership on your site

Memberships are a great way to create loyal repeat customers on your site. On CloudShoppy, you can create membership packages like Gold Membership, Platinum Membership etc of your choice with pre-defined price and duration.

Duration of the membership can be Lifetime or Annually which you can set in your admin panel. Once the memberships are created, you can add existing customers to these memberships and offer them additional discounts.

Membership programs yield great results as members get additional discount than regular members. Display on the each product member price to let your customers know about the benefit. CloudShoppy also supports membership registration on your site with the packages you defined. Customer can select the package he/she wishes to and make the payment as required to avail the benefit. If the customer register through the site for membership, the system will auto-detect and add the customer to the specific membership package selected.

CloudShoppy also has a feature which is similar to Point of Sale (POS) machine, where businesses can sell products at the counter (offline sales). When customer visits your shop, you can offer them membership package and if they are willing, you can create an account and add the customer to the member manually. Next time when the customer makes a purchase on the site, he will get the additional discount on the site as a member.

There are few other scenarios which can be covered as part of the memberships feature, try using CloudShoppy’s membership to know more.

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