Managing inventory of online shop

Managing inventory is very important for an e-commerce business and will help avoid losing potential customer. Customer’s seeing out of stock labels may not wait for you to make the stock available and prefer to visit a different site to make the purchase at that point of time.

You can manage inventory of your products under Product Catalog -> Products.

Inventory Management

Following are the inventory management options available on CloudShoppy

  1. Quantity per product variant: Select quantity available for each variant of the product
    example: Product shirt may have 3 variant options – Size, Color and Material. For each variant you can set the quantity.
  2. Sell even when no stock available: You have an option to sell your products even when out of stock. This option should be selected when you are very sure that you can source the product immediately when you are out of stock of the product. This can help generate the order without losing the customer but has a risk attached if you can not source the product in time.
  3. Tracking inventory:
    Select the option “Don’t track the inventory” to sell the products online irrespective of available quantity.
    Select the option “CloudShoppy tracks this product’s inventory” to enter the quantity available. Within this option, you can allow users to still make the purchase of product without showing “out of stock” label. This way you do not lose customers. However, internally you will be alerted on inventory levels for this product.

    Inventory Management

We recommend you to take a report of products which are most popular and most sold on your site and keep the stock available for these products for immediate delivery and a wonderful customer experience.