Customer segmentation

Every customer is different and every company’s marketing efforts would be better served if they target specific, smaller groups with messages which consumers would find relevant and lead them to buy something.

Customer segmentation is an advanced feature of an eCommerce platform. Rightly used, customer segmentation will generate more orders and can increase loyal customers.

Segmentation is grouping customers with key differentiation’s like age, gender, geography, past orders on the site, activity of the customer etc

Example of targeting the customers may include:

  1. Rolling out an offer to all customers who have purchased a product from a brand in the last 3 months. Businesses can target these customers as a group and send email campaign with special discount coupon.
  2. Create an inactive customers group (customers who have not made any purchase on your site but registered) and offer them a discount coupon with a validity. You will be able to see good results if you target them specifically.

Try CloudShoppy’s advanced customer groups to segment customers and roll out offers.

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